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Why Mogo?

Mogo is a world first clever piece of clothing that can be used as a wristband, bandana, pillow cover, scarf and many other ways. 

It releases a natural vapour when rubbed together to activate its insect repellent technology. 

100% natural insect repelling ingredient which is totally safe for the adults & kids including people with sensitive skin.

Repels over 3000 Biting Insects!

Mogo Repels 3000 Insects
logon school of hygiene and tropical medicine

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine show that Mogo have the same repelling power comparable to any other natural insect repellent. All totally natural and with ZERO side-effects

Mogo Bear

Meet The Mogo Teddy Bear

Our world famous and popular cuddly teddy bear for the kids!

Comes with his own little zip bag backpack. 

Packed with our insect repellent technology. 

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