Mogo Kaftan

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Kaftan is the perfect way to staying relaxed and bite-free on the beach.

Offers same levels of protection as our other products

Suitable for sensitive skin and 100% soft touch microfibre.

It releases a natural vapour when rubbed together to activate its insect repellent technology. 100% natural insect repelling ingredient which is totally safe for the adults including people with sensitive skin.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine show that Mogo have the same repelling power comparable to any other natural insect repellent. All totally natural and with ZERO side-effects

How does Mogo work?

When the Mogo fabric is rubbed together, a vapour which biting insects have an aversion to is released. The vapour then creates a 'no-bite-zone' of up to 50cm around you for up to 2-3 hours once activated. The protection is kept continually active by the person wearing it as the movement or body heat and can be reactivated again by scrunching or rubbing the fabric as required. Mogo anti-mosquito wear works by continually releasing a fresh smelling natural vapour. Safe for all the family, including sensitive skin but hated by biting insects.

Why Mogo?

Say no to toxic sprays or clammy chemical ointments and lotions. Next time you want to keep away those nasty bugs, use Mogo Anti-mosquito Wear.

Mogo brings you a powerful, technologically advanced fabric that is infused with a safe and effective insect repellent that will keep away those annoying bugs, insects and mites.

Mogo has been clinically tested by experts at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and been proven to repel over 3000 different kinds of insects for up to 2-3 hours. Just rub or scrunch up the fabric to release the fragrance. While the vapours may be distasteful to the bugs, they release a pleasant and relaxing lavender scent for you to enjoy.


No Mess | No Spray | No Bites | No Chemicals | No DEET 

World's First Patented Technology Anti-Mosquito Wear

It Provides Our Unique "No-Bite-Zone" Technology with Constant Protection

Repels Over 3000 Biting Insects With Instant Protection

Kaftan Is The Perfect Way To Staying Relaxed & Bite-free On The Beach Or Holiday